My name is Grant StClair-Armstrong and I moved to Turkey on October 9th 2005.  I had a small limited company in the UK, which specialised in sourcing and marketing environmentally friendly or 'green' products,  Today, I wish I had had the foresight to work for at least another 5 years but I guess we are all wiser after the event.  I had managed to get some of my products over the channel and would probably have been doing very well now and better placed for early retirement and just maybe, I would not have suffered many of the injustices I have or met so many of the British tossers so prevalent when one moves abroad.  Visit  
www.perikoyvilla.com  to read more about life here in Turkey.

I currently have a small 2 bedroom house for sale, only 700 metres from the beach in Colakli, a growing tourist area.  It's a snip at £40K negotiable and you can find some pics on www.perikoyvilla.com on the property sales page.  I will be updating the photo's, as the house is currently undergoing some renovation work.  The roof is now finished, along with the water system and the plaster is being repaired after a water leak from the shower upstairs.  I will also be repainting and installing a new kitchen.  Another great site to visit is : http://www.turkishliving.com/forums/side-forum/  You can read about the crap that falls on Europeans on a daily basis, along with lots of happy stuff.

N.B. The Poetry Corner has moved to www.perikoyvilla.com



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