My name is Grant StClair-Armstrong and I moved to Turkey on October 9th 2005.  I had a small limited company in the UK, which specialised in sourcing and marketing environmentally friendly or 'green' products,  Today, I wish I had had the foresight to work for at least another 8 years and would probably have been better placed for early retirement at 60 and just maybe, I would not have suffered many of the injustices I have or met so many tossers over the last 15 years.

I moved back to the UK in November 2019 and was unfortunately diagnosed with prostate cancer in January 2020, which was no great surprise.  The strange thing was that my beautiful brother, Mark and I were both in Addenbrookes hospital the same day and diagnosed with cancer at the same time.  We didn't actually know the other was there.  Sadly, I lost Mark in February 2021 to incurable brain cancer.  It broke my heart and I think of him every waking day and ask 'Why?'  My partner and future wife, Jennifer, has been fantastic support for me and helped me battle on after so much heartbreak.  My cancer is now in remission after getting myself onto a clinical trial in London but I have now acquired a small type of skin cancer on my hooter, which is going to be operated on in Feb 2022.  The new prostate treatment is called HIFU and the NHS are just not telling people about it, so if you or somebody you know has very recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer, please get in touch with me.

I have made some wonderful new friends since my return to the UK and naturally have rekindled old friendships too.  Mark and Sue, Steve and Annie, and Dacre and Carol are our closest friends.  We went on holiday to Malta with Mark and Sue in October 2020 and cemented our closeness.  Steve and Annie have us over for dinner regularly and the four of us love playing cards.  Dacre and Carol are completely crazy (well, mainly Dacre!) and it is never a dull moment in their company.

The COVID situation has been a bastard for everybody these last two years and I am surprised that the British population just rolled over and allowed our revolting Government to take away our most very basic freedom, freedom itself. so easily over what is a disease with an incredibly high survival rate, unless you have underlying health conditions, ie, being an obese.  Fortunately, there is now light at the end of the tunnel but Johnson and many other world leaders are guilty of the most devastating lies and conspiracies surrounding this whole affair and I am confident it will eventually come out.  Muck Suckerberg of Farcebook was a great supporter of lockdowns.

We were not allowed to travel, so carbon emissions plummeted and there were dozens of other benefits for Governments in keeping us locked up while they were partying.  There is so much we don't know about all of this that we could fill volumes. with it.  Thousands of people, old and infirm, sickly and cancer sufferers have died and continue to die because of this great lie.  Aren't you even a bit suspicious?



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