Meet the Smulders.  

Antonius Smulders, more commonly known as 'Rens' should be given an award for the most successful scamming campaign in Side, Turkey.  This guy lived in Turkey for around three years, from 2016 to 2019, starting off in Alanya and then moving to Side when things started to get a bit hot.  He owes money all over the place and was famous in his own right before we were lumbered with him in Side.  He has been the subject of a blog for a few years and was also the subject of a Dutch TV documentary.  The list of people he owes money to is very long and includes myself, to whom he owes 1300 Turkish lira.  I am currently compiling a list of people he owes money to and it runs into hundreds of thousands.  He has pulled some really nasty tricks on people, including borrowing a car to drive to Ankara and then leaving it in the middle of nowhere after it broke down.  The owner has been lumbered with fines by the police as a result.  Most of his debtors in Side have been bar and restaurant owners, where he conned them into giving hime free food and drink in return for a very mediochre karaoke performance and the promise of hundreds of euros in return.  He managed to worm his way back into Turkey in 2020 and travelled there through lockdown, with a wife over 60.  He has also taken in a silver Mercedes C220 CDI, Reg No. 36 - JS- NF  and he will probably try to sell it in Side, as he managed to do with another vehicle a few years back.  He lives at a different address to the one he has lodged with the foreigners Dept in Manavgat, as a way of always avoiding trouble.  He works illegally, mainly as a karaoke provider and it won't be long before he is back to scamming people, even tourists to fund his lifestyle.  Please, please share the link to this website to all of your friends in Europe, particularly in Holland, Belgium and Turkey.  Together, we can inform people about this vile man that I treated as a close friend and prevent them being scammed by him.  If you are one of his victims, please send me an email detailing exactly how he has scammed you and for how much.

A family of scammers that make Smulders look like an amateur are the Van Lieshout family, who scammed me out of 10,000 euros.  You can read about them on the next page.  I'll also be writing stories about other scammers in the Side area, as a warning to all ex-pats.

They even have their own website at

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