These beauties had to get out of Turkey pronto, along with their disgusting son, Roy Van Lieshout.  All four of them scammed me to the tune of 39,000 Turkish Lira and concocted an amazing web of lies and deceit, which you can also read on Facebook           I will add all of the lies from Messenger and whatsapp over the next few days, along with the forged documents from ING bank and forged airline tickets.  They also have a close link with Rens Smulders, who you can find under 'Scammers United' on this site.  It is my mission to make this family the most talked about family in The Netherlands and get the newspapers to take up the story.  Eventually, these scum will have to repay the 10,000 euro's thay owe me but they are so thick and so dishonest, they won't react until it is too late.  I will ensure that Roy Van Lieshouts boss sees this site and guess he won't be happy about having the business mentioned.  The culmination will be me taking them to court, along with dozens of pages of evidence about their dirty dealings.

This low-life scumbag is a protege of Rens Smulders.  He scammed dozens of people in Turkey and had to make a hasty exit with his parents.  One of his victims has had to have an operation for cancer, no doubt the stress wouldn't have helped.  He was instrumental getting his parents to ask me for 39,000 lira because 'allegedly', their bank accounts were blocked by the Turkish authorities.  He actually forged messages from banks and even forged airline tickets.  He is a major scammer in the making.  Keep coming back for more updates, the messages he and his parents sent me over the last 10 months defy belief.  If anybody can give me details of his whereabouts or place of work, please contact me through the contact page.  I will treat all information you give me in confidence.

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